What We Do

Competitor Analysis

Top Shelf Media can easily compare performance across all your important platforms and identify opportunities and find competitors’ weaknesses.
What We Do


At Top Shelf Media we build your brand in order to position your products and/or services as the consumers first choice in your category.
What We Do

Planning & Strategy

Top Shelf Media can research, strategise and write your business and marketing plans. We also facilitate business plan creation and strategies.
What We Do

Creative Concepts

Top Shelf Media is a full creative agency that can deliver all creative concepts & content creation for all media. We also have access to a large bank of actors & hosting talent.


Top Shelf Media is a media agency that can schedule all forms of media including but not limited to TV, Radio, Press, Magazine, Video, website and podcasts.
What We Do

Digital & Social Media

Top Shelf Media can holistically build and manage your Website and digital social media platforms which includes complete website build & social media management.
What We Do


Top Shelf Media can plan and deliver your Sales, Marketing events, Corporate celebrations, Christmas Parties, Team Building , Promotions, & Concerts.
What We Do


Top Shelf Media can Host and/or Facilitate your corporate conferences and provide keynote Speakers for topics such as Sales, Marketing, Business & More.
What We Do

Training & Workshops

Top Shelf Media can train you and your staff. We deliver workshops in Sales Strategy & Implementation, Marketing as well as Leadership and Motivation.